There’s a bike path with glowing stones – and it’s incredible

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There’s a bike path with glowing stones – and it’s incredible

We’re thrilled to partner with our friends at the Bentway Conservancy on the 2017 NXT City Prize Challenge #2, which invites bold ideas about how to enhance wayfinding and the safety of multi-use trails through technology or public art. Stumped for ideas? We’ve gathered a few of our favourite projects to get those creative juices flowing. Don’t forget – the deadline is September 15, 2017!

Studio Roosegaarde’s Van Gogh Path
Inspired by ‘Starry Night,’ the Nuenen, NL bicycle path is made from thousands of glowing stones that change from day to night.

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Christo Guelov’s Street Crossings

There’s nothing like a splash of colour to liven up an intersection. The Bulgarian artist adds a bit of whimsy to an otherwise mundane school crossing to combine art with functionality.

christo-guelov-adds-a-splash-of-color-to-pedestrian-crossings-in-madrid-new-02-818x791 christo-guelov-adds-a-splash-of-color-to-pedestrian-crossings-in-madrid-new01-818x519

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John Dickson’s Frontier Sculptures
Commissioned by the City of Toronto, four sculptural artworks will act as markers along the West Toronto Railpath Park, each evoking the changing landscape and history of the area.


A few others we love



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